Waste Management in Educational Institutions

As a local Kent-based company, we at Midas Waste are proud to be surrounded by some of the best educational institutions in the country. Our proximity to these facilities means that we are incredibly experienced at providing waste management to schools, colleges, and universities across Kent.

Midas Waste offer everything from total waste management solutions to smaller bespoke options. This includes the provision and removal of commercial bins, skips and ‘RoRos’ (roll-on-roll-offs). As an independently owned company, we are able to run a fully flexible operation, meaning we can tailor our delivery to an institution’s individual needs and schedule. For example, by reducing our pickup frequencies during slower holiday periods.

When working with educational facilities we know that safety is of huge importance. Our drivers are DBS checked and operate a mindful service that aims to offer easy and low-impact pickups that always consider local restrictions and high-traffic areas.

When you work with us you can rest assured that you will be part of a ‘fair weigh, fair pay’ scheme as we weigh all waste streams as they are collected using PurGo our VWS
(Vehicle Weighing System).

Waste Management in Schools & Colleges

Waste Management in Educational Institutions often means working with pre-set targets, usually set by an environmental or green and sustainability committee. Midas are a committed and proud zero- to-landfill company, and we have experience working with schools to accommodate and work towards these targets. We can also work with schools on their branding and messaging, helping to create clear and incentivising labels that guide staff and pupils towards better waste practices.

Midas Waste work with both private and state-owned institutions and adapt our approach to fit primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education colleges.

When it comes to Waste Management in Educational Institutions budgets are regularly top of the agenda and Midas offer a tailored approach to all clients we work with. Whether you require help with general waste, dry mixed recycling, glass, food waste management or total waste management solutions, we will always work to create a waste management plan that fits both your budget and your needs.

University Waste Management

Midas Waste offer a comprehensive University waste management service across Kent. We have experience working with University campuses and student housing areas, tailoring our approach to give you the best service.

University Campus Waste Management

Our University Campus waste management service covers general waste, dry mixed recycling, glass, and food waste.

Communal areas with high traffic require clear messaging to promote better waste management from students and Midas can work with University teams on this.

Midas can operate at whatever frequency you require with more frequent pickups for busier campuses, and we also offer flexibility around calendar and University holidays.

University Halls Waste Management

University Halls can house hundreds of students and are often span across a variety of different areas, all with their own potential local and time restrictions. We can guarantee University Halls Waste Management that is tailored toward each site, with safe, low-impact pickups. Our University services can cover all waste streams including general waste, dry mixed recycling, glass, and food waste.

Midas can help halls management with planning the appropriate receptacles for each location, can modify pick up frequencies to suit the number of students per location and more, all with the aim of making waste management in University Halls simple.

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