Hospitality Waste Management

Midas Waste are incredibly experienced when it comes to hospitality waste management across Kent, serving multiple hospitality businesses of varying size and scale.

Midas are a zero-to-landfill company that work with eco-conscious clients to manage and collect commercial waste at a volume and frequency that suits your business. We are an independent company which allows us to be incredibly flexible in our approach and make decisions quicky without long lead times. We keep the simple, simple and you will always be able to contact a member of our experienced team directly on the phone whenever you need us.

We have over 30 years’ experience in waste management, not only working within the hospitality sector but across multiple industries and cross-sectors including Retail, Tourism, Education, and Industrial waste streams.

Handling Commercial Hospitality Waste Streams

Hospitality businesses produce all types of waste streams and therefore total waste management solutions are often required.

Midas cover all waste streams including Glass, Food, Dry Mixed Recycling and General Waste.

General Waste, Glass and Food Waste tend to be the biggest waste streams for Hospitality businesses and Midas can provide the correct wheelie bins and frequency of collections for this type of waste.

Glass and Food are also typically the heaviest waste streams and here (as with all waste we collect) Midas make use of PurGo, a vehicle weighing operating system (VWS) that is fitted onto our dustcarts and accurately weighs customer’s waste as it is collected. This helps creates a transparent billing system that means customers pay for what they dispose of.

Midas can also offer complete flexibility on your collections. We understand that many hospitality businesses prefer collections towards the very end or the very beginning of the week to account for busy weekends and we can accommodate this. Similarly, if a busy event in your area means additional waste, Midas can work with you to effectively plan for this influx and can increase collections as and when needed.

Why choose Midas for your Hospitality Waste Management?

Midas have vast experience in Hospitality waste management, and we work with a number of hospitality businesses throughout the county of Kent in areas such as Canterbury, Maidstone, Thanet, and Medway. As a Kent-based business ourselves we understand the intricacies and local restrictions that come with each of these areas and will adapt our approach to suit each individual location.

Effective waste management in the hospitality industry requires an experienced team who understand and can advise on what businesses need and on best practises that make effective, eco-friendly waste management a simple, uncomplicated process. Midas Waste offer a free in-person waste audit for businesses looking for total waste management solutions and are also available for quotes for businesses that require all types of waste collection. We can visit your site, make recommendations, provide a like-for-like quote on existing services as well as help educate teams on better waste management practices and provide recommendations for change.

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Wheelie Bins

Our most popular form of container for commercial waste collections. We provide a reliable, scheduled wheelie bin collections for Dry Mixed Recycling, General Waste, Food and Glass.

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