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Women in Waste

Sonya Cragg

Today is International Women’s Day – but at Midas, that’s every day. Equality, and our employees are at the forefront of our business and as such, we celebrate all diversities to provide an inclusive workplace.

However, women still face very real challenges. Even today, women are still met with gender bias, glass ceilings for management roles, lack of well-fitting safety equipment and harassment. Traditionally, waste has always been a “man’s” world, but Midas is helping, along with other waste companies, to put a stop to that. We spoke to Managing Director Sonya, who has worked in the waste industry for over 8 years and worked her way to creating her own waste management company operating in Kent.

Sonya, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. How has the waste industry changed during your time?

The waste industry has come on leaps and bounds recently as more women have started seeking new opportunities in the industry. Waste Management requires women (and me) at all levels of a business. It not only provides diversity that breeds new ideas, but it also enables other points of view to be considered when looking at new clients and projects.

Have you ever experienced gender bias? And do you still see a gender bias?

Bias is still rife in business and as a female MD, it’s my job to show other women that the waste industry can be for them.

Throughout my career, in any sector, you still meet the ‘old schoolers’ but as we are beginning to employ more inclusive employees, I have seen culture shift dramatically. It is the responsibility of the business to adapt to its employees and shape a career for them. We celebrate International Women’s Day across the UK but we need to voice that women are in waste, we just aren’t very visible. It’s time to change that.

Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

You have certainly done that and made a great career in the industry. What would you say to a woman looking to enter the industry?

Go for it. Who is there to stop you? Anything can be achieved by a woman as can anything a woman does be achieved by a man. We are all humans and capable of remarkable things.

Midas Waste are an independent waste management company based in Kent, covering all commercial and trade waste collections including skips, RoRo’s and wheelie bins. Call 0344 264 3944 for a quote.

Sonya Cragg

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